Drug Testing Tips

Drug Testing is Wrong

Surveillance of our bodily fluids reads like a chapter out of Orwell’s best-selling novel, 1984. Drug testing is truly is a violation of our 5th amendment. However, these rights were taken from us in the governmental pursuit to win the war on drugs.

For those of us who have to pee in a cup, we offer the following solutions for “in a pinch” and “planning ahead” scenarios for passing your urine test.

First and foremost, how long will a substance stay in your system?

how long do drugs stay in your system

Cannabis Detection Variance

It is important to note that Cannabis detection on a urine test does vary from person to person. If you are a heavy user, with a high body fat content, the substance will linger in your system for a much longer period of time. In this case, you would want to stop smoking completely before the 30-day detection period if you do not plan on using an anti-drug testing method.

Occasional users with a low body fat content are more likely to escape the 30-day detection window. In this case, we would strongly suggest giving yourself a THC urine test, these can be found online or at your local pharmacy. This will let you know, if you need to take any additional measures, or if you are in the clear.

In a Pinch Techniques


Certain herbs act as diuretics which speed fluid elimination. Among the best diuretics are Horsetail Grass, Caraway, Dandelion Root, Juniper Berry, and Parsley. Goldenseal is a good purifier. The freshness and quality of the herbs count, of course.

Healthline has produced an evidence-based article called The 8 Best Natural Diuretics to Eat or Drink for additional information.

Taking diuretics will reduce your reading by dilution, however, they do not eliminate any drug metabolite. Even after 24 hours, this is not a guarantee for getting under the threshold of the test.

Do not give your first-of-the-day urine sample. It is highly concentrated and you want to void as much as possible before taking a urine test.

Dilution will raise suspicion if your urine looks colorless. Take 50 to 100mgs of Vitamin B complex, or Vitamin B-2 to produce a lovely yellow color in your sample.


Dilution is a semi-effective technique. If you know that you are going to be tested, even if diuretics are not available, drink as much water as possible during the 12 hours before the test. This dilutes your sample as much as 4 to 5 times and often yields negative readings under the threshold of the test. This has worked for occasional cannabis users, about 50% of the time.



1/2 teaspoonful added to your urine will cause chemical reactions which render the test negative. Only chlorinated bleaches work. But a follow-up can detect bleach by its high pH level, this is only tested when the sample raises suspicion. Bleach leaves a cloudy precipitate. This problem can be minimized by reducing it to a fine powder. But experiment first. In an emergency, bleach is the best household additive.

Proof of Prescription

prescription MedsThere are many reasons you can yield a false positive on your EMIT drug test. Cross-reactive medications, prescription and over-the-are notorious for this. If you fail a urine test, it can be a convincing defense to bring in your prescription bottle(s) and insist that the medication you were taking caused you to fail.

Over the Counter Medications

cough SyrupFill out your form to include all over-the-counter medications which cause the same positive results as the illegal drug that might be consumed. If a positive result occurs on the test, a basis has been laid for an appeal. Remember the negative error rate is just as large or larger than the positive error rate. Many people using drugs escape detection.

Plan Ahead Techniques

Borrow Urine From a Friend

Switch your urine for a quality urine sample. People have used their friend’s urine, but be careful, as one employee discovered, his grandmother’s urine registered a false positive because she was on pain-management medication.

Substitution with a spouse or member of the opposite sex will be undetected. Male and female’s readings are within the same range as to be undetectable.

Concealing Your Alternative Sample

condomsMany people use containers such as urostomy bags, or condoms concealed in their underwear to provide an alternative sample.

We have heard success stories from users implementing non-lubricated reservoir tipped condoms as a container for their sample. You can fill these with about 3 to 4 ounces of urine, and then tie up the opening tightly. Carried close to the body, preferably in the underpants, the tip is pinched off and the warm contents flow into the collecting cup.

In cases of extreme surveillance, men will wear the condom over the penis, like a penis extender with the liquid in the front. For women, it can be placed in the vagina, then pricked carefully to allow for dispensing. Most test subjects are not observed this closely.

Temperature is Important

Testing personnel are trained to check that the urine sample is warm, so in this method, the sample needs to be kept close to the body. Acceptable urine temperature is usually 90.5 to 100 degrees. Urine kept next to the body usually reads about 92 to 94 degrees.

Powder-Form Urine

powdered urine

Yes, this is actual urine. But, it is 100% drug-free. Powdered Urine requires the kind of planning ahead borrowing from a friend would require. If you want to save a little face, or just prefer to keep your situation private, this product is backed with a money back guarantee.

Use a Urine Additive

nuklear urine addive

Urine additives like NuKlear Atomic Cleanser, are easy to use. You pour it in your sample and requires minimal planning ahead.

Test Yourself

urine Test StripIf can afford it, go the extra mile and test yourself. You can get kits at most local pharmacies, this can add to your peace of mind.

Pass Your Urine Test

NuKlear Atomic Cleanser

NuKlear Atomic Cleanser

NuKlear is a potent liquid invented by Klear Co.
It comes in a small tube that you add to your sample.

The amount of NuKlear necessary to pass a drug test is less than a gram – about the amount that would sit on a small thumbnail.

NuKlear is odorless and cannot be detected once added to your sample.

Byrd Labs Powdered Urine

Byrd Labs Powdered Urine

Powdered Urine was developed in 1986 and has worked without fail, continually protecting worker's rights.

Powdered urine requires some premixing and sleight of hand, so some people prefer our smaller additive, NuKlear Atomic Cleanser.

Powdered urine is guaranteed drug-free and tests normally on adulteration tests.

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