What Doesn't Work
1. Goldenseal. Herbal Gram #21 debunks the Goldenseal myth. It reports Pharm Chem labs tested Goldenseal on codeine users and found the herb didn't interfere with readings. In the racing industry Goldenseal was tested on horses to mask the pain killer, morphine. It didn't work. Nor did it work in Byrd Labs tests.
2. Test Free - This powder is mixed with water and consumed like Tang. The product itself, reported to be primarily fruit pectin, did little without the large consumption of water. Fruit pectin is available in the Supermarket for making jams and jellies. In these products Zinc Sulfate is often added. The theory behind this powder is to divert metabolites into the bowels which eliminate twice the metabolite level as the bladder.

A careful evaluation by a University laboratory in a blind study failed to confirm the products effectiveness. California NORML in its Guide to Urine Drug Testing reports: "It has been suggested that drug use might be masked by ingesting certain substances so as to alter body chemistry. Unfortunately, this approach has not been born out by scientific investigations." The Guide goes on to conclude: "Independent experiments suggest it may be water dilution, not the screen itself, that has accounted for success. Byrd Labs conclusion is similar - DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.
3. Nature Klean & Other Teas - High priced name brand teas works as well as diuretic teas listed above. They're available at Health food Stores, at a tenth the cost. California NORML's Guide concurs: "...there is no reason to think this or similar products are any better than other natural diuretics."
4. Visine - A current hot rumor. Byrd Labs has tested Visine in various dosages. Visine DOES NOT work.
5. Niacin. will flush your skin, but in eight tests conducted by Byrd Labs seven proved positive.
6. Human Blood. Human blood has been widely reported, even in scientific literature, as an agent of last resort to create a negative. In six tests conducted by Byrd Labs ranging from three drops to a small eye dropper squirt added to urine samples, all tested positive. Leave those cuts and scabs alone.
7. Dexatrim. This over the counter diet pill, will not work - in fact it can produce a positive for amphetamines.
Leroy Lord of South Florida was convicted for possession of cocaine. The only evidence - a cocaine contaminated dollar bill that was in Mr. Lord's pocket. The Miami Herald asked prominent citizens, including Jeb Bush, a Catholic archbishop, and Attorney General Janet Reno for sample bills from their wallets. All their bills tested positive. Money sorting machines at the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago were also found contaminated with cocaine. And the Dade county medical examiners office found 135 bills from 12 banks around the country also contaminated. Reviewing this evidence Florida's Third District Court of Appeals threw out Mr. Lord's conviction. (Lord v Florida, No. 91-2147).