Techniques For Beating The Tests
The most important rule is never to give up your first urine of the morning. This urine is the most concentrated and will yield the worst results.

Dilution is a highly effective technique. If you know that you are going to be tested, even if diuretics are not available, drink as much water, soda pop, coffee and tea as possible during the 12 hours before the test. This dilutes your sample as much as four to five times, and often yields negative readings under the threshold of the test (But please be careful, a lab will often refuse your sample because of too much dilution - it is interpreted as an intent to adulterate your sample) . Even if you only have an half hour of warning, drink as much fluid as possible, and void the first portion of your urine sample into the toilet. This has worked for many occasional pot smokers. In Byrd Labs tests, this will work as much as 50% of the time. Don't punish yourself with vinegar, lemon juice, or other strange concoctiones. If possible take 50 to 100mgs of Vitamin B complex, or Vitamin B-2 to produce a lovely yellow color in your urine. Colorless urine raises suspcion.

There is little uniformity in testing procedures. In most situations your private parts will not be directly observed, unless the test is being conducted by a pervert. In a few instances you may be asked to change into a hospital gown. Plan ahead; keep your cool.

Certain herbs act as diuretics which speed fluid elimination. Among the best diuretics are Horsetail Grass, Poria, Dandelion Root, Juniper Berry, and Parsley. Golden Seal is a good purifier. These are availabe at your health food store. Freshness and quality count of the herbs count, of course. Your vitamin store carries compounds like "Thompsons Diuretics" or "KAL Herbal Diuretic". These taken as teas recuce your reading by dilution, they do not eliminate any drug metabolite. EVEN AFTER 24HRS., THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE FOR GETTING UNDER THE THRESHOLD OF THE TEST.

When you drink quantities of vinegar, cranberry juice, or other home remedies they are processed by the amazingly sophisticated filtration system in your body. THEY ARE OF LITTLE OR NO DIRECT HELP. STICK WITH WATER OR DIURETIC TEAS.

Though we do not recommend or encourage any illegal activity or abusive drug use, we think each individual is best suited to make judgements about the circumstances that affect her or his life. Byrd Labs has tested several hundred compounds, many of which are commonly available. The following information has been checked, double checked, and tested by laboratory personnel. Over the last six years over a thousand trials have been run to separate fact from fantasy. As part of our ongoing informational effort we include the following reports of methods that have been attempted by people seeking to protect their jobs:
1. Substitution Switch your urine for a quality urine sample. People have used their friend's urine, but be careful, as one employee discovered, his grandmother's urine registered a false positive because she was taking back medicine. Byrd Labs instant drug free urine works well because it's reconstituted to guarantee it's drug free. Substitution with a spouse or member of the opposite sex will be undetected. Male and female's readings are within the same range as to be undetectable.

Many report using containers such as Urostemy bags, rubbers, or saline bags, concealed in their underwear to provide an alternative sample. Many testing personnel check to see that the urine sample is warm, so in this method either warm water must be used or the sample needs to be kept close to the body. Acceptable urine temperature is usually 90.5 to 100 degrees. Urine kept next to the body usually reads about 92 to 94 degrees.

Many report success using reservoir tipped condoms (non lubricated), which are filled with about 3 to 4 ounces of urine, and the backed end closed with a tightly wrapped rubber band. Carried under the arm or in the underpants, the tip is pinched off and the warm contents squirted into the collecting bottle. In cases of extreme surveillance, the condom has been worn over the penis, like a penis extender with the liquid in the front. Most test subjects are not observed closely.

A competitive weight lifter, worried about steroid use, reported to Byrd Labs that she had secreted a condom in her vagina during the course of the competition. Afterward, she sat on the toilet, reached down, pricked the tip and squirted the urine into the collecting bottle. When reminded that steroid use was harmful to her long term health, she replied, "I know, but it's the price you have to pay if you want to compete at a national level. All the competitors are doing it."
2. Filling out the form to include over-the-counter medications which cause the same positive results as the illegal drug that might be consumed. (See extensive cross reactive list.) If a positive result occurs on the test, a basis has been laid for an appeal. Remember the negative error rate is just as large or larger than the positive error rate. Many people using drugs escape detection.
3. Bleach - 1/2 teaspoonful added to your urine will cause chemical reactions which render the test negative. Only chlorinated bleaches work. But a follow-up can detect bleach by its high pH level, but this is only tested when the sample raises suspicion. Bleach leaves a cloudy precipitate. This problem can be minimized by reducing it to a fine powder. But experiment first. In an emergency bleach is the best household additive.
4. In a pinch , two tablespoons of ordinary table salt added to urine has caused the test to read negative. In tests less salt does not work. Salt residue can often be seen at the bottom of the collecting bottle.
5. Ammonia Two ounces of normal household ammonia will also cause the test to be negative, but the smell of ammonia often gives it away. It also caused a high PH reading which is increasingly used to cross-check the validity of the urine sample.
6. Sodium Nitrite. Tests by Byrd Labs show this to be much more effective than household table salt which is Sodium Chloride. A level teaspoon will often work. Available in most cities at chemical supply stores. Dissolves poorly. Be careful with this- some labs test for nitrites and will interpret high nitrite levels as an attempt to adulterate your sample.
7. Calcium Hypo-chlorite . This swimming pool chemical kills algae. Widely available. About one level teas usually does the trick. Messes up your PH reading.
8. Drano. About a half teaspoon works in an emergency. Foams up in urine. Be sure to remove little metal flakes and grind to powder so it dissolves quickly.
(This product is no longer available. It was so good that labs developed tests specifically to detect its Presence)

9. UrinAid
- this additive from Byrd Labs was designed to defeat the EMIT marijuana test. Exceptionally effective. Reduces levels of other metabolites. Two tubes create high specific gravity reading.
(This product is no longer available. It was so good that labs developed tests specifically to detect its Presence)

10. Klear
- This new, highly potent,designer additive is the best development so far by sympathetic chemists.. In Byrd Labs tests this compound knocked out all positives. Comes in a micro tube.. Recommended.
11. Hydrogen Peroxide . The Oxygen atoms cause rapid chemical combination and hydrogen peroxide breaks down into undetectable - Water. The formula for this method works on paper, but Byrd Lab tests show that the metabolite levels are only reduced by 50% solutions. Household strength does not work. Warning! Burns the skin.
12. Aspirin. In 1994 the Journal of Clinical Chemistry reports that 4 aspirins ingested before a urine test reduces positive readings for 2 to 12 hours. Doses of 12 aspirin could reduce a reading up to 40% if a person had alkaline urine. For bordlerline cases this is a good step to take when drinking liquids. For best results take the aspirin with your last glass of liquid.
13. Blushing Kidneys . Three per cent of the public is psychologically incapable of urinating in front of other people. Doctors have named this syndrome of excessive modesty, "Blushing Kidneys". If you have reason to believe that you may fail the urine test, and have no other recourse, your best bet may be to strain and strain and tell the "wee watcher" that you are just too embarrassed to do anything. It's much better to argue about your modesty than why your test might have registered positive.
14. Prescription medicines . Do not use the last of your codeine cough syrup, or other cross reactive medicines given to you by a doctor. If you fail a urine test, it can be a convincing defense to bring in your prescription bottle, and insist that the medication you were taking caused you to fail. (Check the cross reactive list)

The problem with using bleach, ammonia, and Drano or other substances is that samples are frequently tested for specific gravity, PH, or creatinine. Battery acid would render a test negative for drugs, but drop the PH test off the scale. If a company followed up with the sophisticated GC/MS test, it would be obvious your urine had been adulterated.