No Drug War Endorses these Products

Klear Co's Breakthrough Product "NuKlear" was perfected after thousands of hours of lab work. It is a great breakthrough - the smallest, most potent, and undetectable urine purifier sold today. It's predecessor "Klear" was so successful that the drug testing industry devised a test specifically to detect "Klear". Counter measures were called for and after a year and a half your scientists perfected "NuKlear". "NuKlear" clears all positives. Click on product icon or name to order this product from the Klear Co. website.

$34.95 or 10 kits for $150.00
Powdered Urine is guaranteed drug free. This product is best if you know about your test and have some time to prepare. Key factors are temperature and whether or not you will be monitored. It can be premixed and stored near the body to be kept warm.

$34.95 or 10 kits for $150.00

There are many imitations of NuKlear. If you buy a product called Klear which is used as a drink, it has no relation to NuKlear and DOES NOT WORK. Drinks do not defeat drug tests. Beware of imitations sold in stores and supermarkets.