Medication Listing
This part of your test is a catch 22 . If you list all the prescription and over the counter drugs that you take, you might endanger your job. Employers frequently scan your list to see if you are hyper-tensive, have heart. lung, kidney, or liver problems, or other personal medical disabilities that might be a reason to replace you with a younger healthier worker. Employers do not like to pay sick leave or insurance premiums. There are no Federal or State rules that prohibit the practice of surveying your medical listing. Of course if you are fired, the medication is not given as the reason.

On the other hand if you do not make a complete listing you may omit a medication that can cause a false positive. New information about cross reactive drugs appears in the scientific literature every few months.

This is a classical circumstance of self incrimination that the 4th Amendment protects you against in Federal matters. However, most testing takes place without any constitutional protections. Employers often attempt to investigate your private behavior and control you to the fullest extent possible.

Prior to most drug tests , you will be asked to list prescription and non- prescription medications, that you have taken in the past 7 days. THE MEDICATION LISTING MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM ON YOUR TEST. SO THINK CAREFULLY. Immediately strike the seven days and write in "30 days". The effects of many common substances may stay in your body for long periods of time.

If your supervisor says something like "Well Jennifer, you seem to be quite knowledgeable about these tests. Perhaps you are a little paranoid about failing?" You might reply, "Mr. Boyle, my job here at Zignat Plastics is so important to me that I took the time to educate myself about the testing procedure. Did you know the error rate for some drugs is over 25 percent ?"

You should always list every potential error causing substance you may have taken over the last month. If in doubt, list it. Though, you should consider the dilemma posed in the first paragraph.

This may be the guarantee to a successful appeal or court case if you are found to have a positive sample. At the end of your medication list you should write a disclaimer in your own language to the effect: "This list is my best recollection under the time pressures which I have been placed. There may have been other legal medications or substances that I consumed which I do not remember at this time."
COMPANY_______________________________________ DATE________________
EMPLOYEE NAME_________________________________
ID# _________________ POSITION_________________________ EMPLOYER_________________________

By my signature below, I hereby give consent to urinalysis in accordance with the above named company. I further acknowledge that the following information regarding medications prescribed for me or otherwise is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand the urine sample I will provide will be subject to analysis to determine the presence of drugs, alcohol, and/or other substances. I further understand that the results of said analysis will be communicated to the above mentioned company and my employer, if different.

CONSENT FORM If you are a test subject you will be given a consent form (actual sample from a company is above) . There are widespread reports of abuses by companies asking employees to illegally sign their rights away. Some companies even ask to have the right to search an employee's person, private locker, or car parked on public streets without a warrant and without cause.

You might want to write in that you must be shown a copy of your test results and that your test can only be used to search for illegal drugs, not pregnancy or medical problems. NOTE: Women can be tested for pregnancy under "other substances" if they sign the above form. This is becoming more common. Be careful!

If you have reason to believe that the test is being conducted in a sloppy way that may make you a victim of a false positive result, or if you believe for other reasons you may have difficulty passing then you might want to refuse to sign a consent. Without a signed consent form you cannot be tested. You might explain that you will be happy to take a test as soon as your lawyer can review what you are asked to sign. If threatened with job loss, ask for the threat in writing.

Many forms have a number of areas to initial. If one of these is omitted, or if you initial the area that is reserved for the laboratory, the test may be voided. If put your signature on an incorrect line and not call attention to the mistake, you will require retesting.